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Pope Francis has selected the topic, ‘Youth, the Faith and Vocational Discernment‘, for the 2018 International Synod of Bishops. Young people from around the world have been asked to answer a series of questions.

“The consultation will also include all young people
through a website with questions on their expectations and their lives. The answers to
both series of questions will be the basis for drafting the “work-document” or
Instrumentum laboris, which will be the reference point in the discussion of the synod
fathers.” (Preparatory Document, 2017:2-3)

To assist in doing our part, we kindly request that you submit your parish answers by following the procedure below. Please do your best to find the information and observe the questions carefully. If you are not able to answer a certain question,  fill in ‘N/A’ (not applicable) or ‘unknown’.

Wherever the question refers to ‘Diocese’ or Parish’, answer on behalf of your parish.


Step 1: Schedule a session for reading and discussing the Preparatory Document before attempting to answer any questions. It would be sufficient for only the youth leadership team, together with the parish priest (and possibly the PPC chair), to complete this task.

Step 2: Arrange a gathering for all youth and young adults in your parish to discuss and answer the questions as found in the PDF Questionnaire. This will aid in truly answering the questions as a collective.

Step 3: Answer the questions online using the collective answers from Step 2. NOTE: Before clicking ‘Submit’, click ‘Print form before submitting if you like’. Then, click ‘Submit’ which will send your answers to the National Youth Office (SACBC).

Step 4: Scan the printed form and submit it to the diocesan youth office (

We thank you for your cooperation!

For God and for Youth, through Christ!

Youth Department