by Sr. Juliana Mary Abioye EHJ

I often hear people say at the beginning of the year, “new year, new resolutions”, or “I have resolved this year to do this and do that, to avoid this and that”.
What resolutions or promises have you made at the beginning of this year? What are your proposals and targets for the year 2017?
To make a resolution, a promise to oneself, and have a target for the year is not enough; rather to aim at achieving those resolutions, promises and targets are of a high importance.
I challenge everyone to try to stick to their resolutions and constantly remind themselves of their plans at the beginning of the year and what they hope to achieve by the end of this year.
A good number of us get discouraged midway. Remember to just do that which you have proposed to do and focus more on the positives rather than the negatives.
A friend asked me, “Why do I have to make resolutions that I will not keep?” My response to my friend was that one does not need to make so many resolutions. One or two are enough so as to achieve the aim of making those resolutions.
The Youth office is committed to the Youth and will love to see young people progressing in their education, work and also in their spiritual life.
Have you made your resolution for the year? What I have to say to you as a young person is to DO THAT WHICH YOU HAVE RESOLVED TO DO BETTER THIS YEAR THAN THE PREVIOUS YEAR.
The tomorrow you promised to do the work you left undone yesterday, is today. Therefore do what you have to do in time for a better, productive year.
St. Paul says, “Whatever you do; do it from your heart, as for the Lord and not for others” (Col 3:23).

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