By Jill A. Williams

“Everything happens for a reason.” I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard this phrase and uttered it myself.  There lies in it a mystery pertaining to the past and how it seamlessly leads to both present and future endeavours. So ask yourself: Is it possible that the story of my life has been so meticulously designed that no matter which decisions I make, that in one way or another, they will act as building blocks for a pre-determined (Divinely crafted) ending? If that is the case, how do I ensure that on this journey, I live the abundant life that God wants me to?


Plants all have one thing in common: they need to be in the right environment to grow.  This is also true for your life.  Certain elements of your character, physical skills and even muscle-growth can only happen under certain conditions. The best way for us to ensure that the right ‘seeds’ start sprouting and growing in our lives is to sow the right seed. This ‘seed’ can be in the form of good deeds, having faith, living in generosity and also being thankful at all times.

Unlike farmers, however, we are constantly sowing into our lives- either positively or negatively. That is why we need to be careful of what we think, say and do aligns with the Word of God, in order for positive growth and development to occur in our lives.

Let It Go

This phrase seems to communicate a release (which is good) of all things into the atmosphere. That would be the equivalent of one turning into a floating kite without a kite operator – you’re bound to get caught in the branches of a tree or some barbed wire. No, honey! You need to release all things into the hands of the One who became all things for us, in order that we may become all things to those in need around us: Jesus.

Plants need to let go of something too… They release oxygen into the air in order to accept carbon dioxide (which they need in order to grow.) If they keep the oxygen, they will eventually get clogged up with it and probably die. Why, then, would you delay the process?  Let go and let God do what he needs to. Let go so that you have enough room to receive the new thing God has in store for you.


“Do your best and God will do the rest.”  He won’t do everything for you because he loves being in communion with you. As you keep sowing, you’ll start seeing developments happening in your career,  academics,  relationships,  spiritual life, etc. (which one can see as the leaves sprouting,  flowers blooming, fruit developing and so on.) Just remember, however, that at some point you’ll have to take after God’s example and just rest. Draw a line. You need to do it at some point, or you’ll burn out.

Remember, also, that even though some aspects of your life sprout that some aspects need to remain hidden… Just as roots need to remain within the dark,  moist environment of the earth,  so does certain parts of your personal life, relationships,  friendships, etc. need to remain between you and those close to you (or even just between you and God.)  You do not need to broadcast your whole life onto social media.  Some details of your life deserve privacy.

Joyce Meyer once said that when you look back on your journey- back to the times when you wondered “Why is all of this happening to me ?” and the times when you doubted that you had anything to look forward to- then only will you see the lessons, blessings and the message that was hidden (quite beautifully) in your mess.  So despise not your present situation. The best is truly yet to come.  For now it remains hidden… not to taunt you or prevent you from enjoying life, but to allow you to live the best life that God intended you to live.

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