On Sunday, 25 April 2021, the youth of St Albert the Great (Vosloorus) celebrated youth mass centred around the theme Anti-Bullying due to the recent events which have been happening in schools around South Africa. Fr Boshom Mpetsheni centred his homily on various forms of bullying including physical, emotional, verbal and cyberbullying. In addition, he asked the youth thought-provoking questions related to this topic.

We also had a show stopping poem titled ‘A Bully’s Suicide Note’ recited by one of the youth members, Lerato Masekwa and a song (Warrior by Demi Lovato) was sung flawlessly by another youth member, Nancy Mabaso. We had a group of youth members carrying placards with slogans such as “Say NO to bullying”. After mass, all the youth members got an opportunity to choose a colour to paint on their hand and placed their hands on a banner. These handprints symbolise that as the youth of St Albert the Great, we stand against bullying and we will actively try to play our part by not bullying others and stand up for those who do get bullied.  To end off such an eventful morning, everyone was treated with juice and snacks.

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